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Are you new to the gluten free lifestyle and feeling overwhelmed at all the changes that come along with cutting gluten from your diet? Have you been gluten free for a while but struggling to keep your food budget under control or running out of meal ideas? Perhaps you've been avoiding social situations, restaurants, or travel out of fear of getting sick? I've been where you are, and I can help.

My family has been gluten free for over 3 years, since my son was put on a gluten free diet by his physician when he was still a toddler. I started Celiac Baby as a way to reach out to others and share my family's experiences. Over the past few years, I've learned to manage my food budget and shop inexpensively, cook simple yet delicious gluten free meals, and successfully navigate the gluten-filled world of daycare, schools, restaurants, travel, and more. 

I strongly believe that living gluten free shouldn't mean missing out or compromising on activities and experiences we love. If you're struggling with any aspect of the gluten free lifestyle, I can help you overcome them. My mission is to help you make gluten free living your new normal. No compromises. 

Free 30 Minute Phone Call

When I first started making the change to a gluten free lifestyle for my young son, I pored through books, blogs, and websites to find the practical information I needed to get started. What I didn't have was the chance to talk to someone who had been exactly where I was and ask all those specific questions that weren't necessarily answered in any of the books I read. 

That's what I offer in this FREE 30 minute phone call- a person-to-person conversation and a personalized approach to overcoming whatever obstacles you or your loved one is facing on the path to happy, healthy gluten free living. I'll help you identify where a change in approach might be useful and provide helpful tips for any area of gluten free living.

I can't wait to chat! Click on the button below to book your FREE 30 minute consultation.

S.O.S. Emergency Package

The S.O.S. Emergency Package is designed for someone who is brand new to the gluten free diet and is overwhelmed by all the changes that accompany the new lifestyle. I remember being overwhelmed and confused when my son was first diagnosed, and I've put everything I wish I had known at the beginning into this package! 

Are you caring for a child who is gluten free and worried about doing it right? I've been there! I've got ideas to help you and your child adjust to your new way of life as seamlessly as possible. 

When first transitioning to gluten free living, the basics are what count, including understanding how to identify sources of gluten on labels, having a quick reference list of naturally gluten free foods, simple snack and meal ideas, and breaking down myths about gluten. Learn the first 10 steps to take after a Celiac or Gluten Sensitivity diagnosis, and more! 

Since I know how overwhelming the first few weeks can be, I've also included 25 simple gluten free snack ideas and a 1 week meal plan with recipes and a grocery list. The best part? The meal plan doesn't require any specialty gluten free products. 

This package includes:

  • 1 hour phone consultation: This personalized consultation answers your specific questions and provides you with information and advice that addresses your individual concerns.
  •  Printable PDF Package: This package provides you with the nuts and bolts of starting out on a gluten free diet. Information on how to identify gluten in food products and on labels, a list of 101 Naturally Gluten Free Foods, 25 Snack Ideas,  10 Steps to take after diagnosis, and 10 Gluten Myths Debunked.  
  • Meal Plan: A week's worth of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks with recipes and a grocery list included.  
  •  Bonus: 30 minute FREE phone call to assess your needs and put together customized responses before our hour long consultation, and of course, I'm available by email after our consultation! 
Book your no obligation FREE 30 minute consultation now, and let's get started making gluten free living your new normal. 

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