Friday, June 5, 2015

Recipe: Nutella Ice Pops

Well, Paris has been hit with a bit of a mini heat wave. We don't have air conditioning in our apartment since the building is almost 110 years old, and all of our windows are the old, thin glass as well. Not much heat gets kept out with those!

The upside is that every window is more like a door, opening wide into the apartment to let in air, and even the shutters have vented slats so we can keep the windows open at night with the shutters closed an still get a bit of a breeze.

Still, there's no denying that it's hot! We walk pretty much everywhere, and in the afternoons my kids come home from school hot and sweaty after being outside in the sun.

I've been making them fruit ice pops, but I saw some chocolate popsicles in the store and decided to make something similar. These are so ridiculously easy to make because they take only 2 ingredients. Whisk together, and pop the molds in the freezer. Done! My sons were so surprised and excited, I know these will certainly become a staple for the summer.

Nutella Ice Pops

(Makes approximately 8 ice pops)

400 ml Coconut milk
4 tbsp. (or to taste) Nutella or other chocolate style spread

1- In a measuring cup with a pouring spout, whisk together coconut milk and Nutella until combined.
2- Pour into Ice Pop molds and place handles into mixture. Place in the freezer.
3- Allow to freeze for a few hours. Run molds under hot water to loosen before removing the ice pops from the molds.


  1. Hope you find some relief from the heat wave while we continue to wait for one :) These are ridiculously simple and I bet wonderfully delicious and refreshing.

  2. Completely different weather from New Brunswick Canada, It's still sweater weather here. Hopefully the heat wave doesn't last for too long! :)

    I've been wanting to make these! I'm writing down the recipe right now! Yummy!

  3. Thanks for the comment! Yes, it's different from Toronto too, where my parents are! i hope your little guy likes them!