Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Recipe: No Bake Tart in a Chocolate Shell

If you have been struggling with gluten free pie crusts that don't turn out right or are too crumbly to work with, this chocolate crust is a great alternative for preparing no-bake tarts.

It's also a fun activity to do with kids, since it involves painting chocolate right onto the tart pan!

I used a 7 inch square quiche pan with a removable bottom. The removable bottom is essential for getting the hardened crust out of the quiche pan for serving.

If you can find a silicone tart pan that can be peeled off, that would probably work well too. Making mini tarts in individual serving size moulds would be another great idea for a dinner party or to do with kids.

A few tips before you start:

1- Use a pastry brush to paint the chocolate, and make each layer fairly thick.
2- Keep aside a little bit of melted chocolate in case you need to do any touch ups or repair any cracks that may occur when removing your tart from the pan.
3- Refrigerate your tart before serving. It helps keep the pudding set.
4- Slice the tart with a knife that has been dipped in very hot water, the way you would with an ice cream cake. It allows you to slice through the crust cleanly.

 No Bake Tart in a Chocolate Shell
 Serves 6


7 inch (about 18 centimetre) Square quiche pan with a removable bottom or equivalent
Pastry brush
Pot or other container to melt the chocolate
Spatula or wooden spoon for mixing


200 grams gluten free chocolate (milk, dark, or white)
200-250 grams gluten free chocolate pudding
200 grams mixed berries (you may not need it all, but too much is better than not enough)


1- Break the chocolate into squares, and place in a pot. Fill a larger pot about halfway with water and heat on stove until water boils. Place the smaller pot over it without touching the water, stirring the chocolate to melt it. Chocolate can also be melted in a microwave by placing the pieces in a microwave safe container and microwaving on high in 30 second intervals. Stir between each interval, repeating as necessary.

2- If using a metal quiche pan, grease the pan well with oil or melted butter. This is not necessary with silicone pans. Dip the pastry brush into the melted chocolate and paint the inside of the tart pan, along the bottom and up the sides. Make sure to paint a thick layer, paying special attention in the corners.

3- Place the tart pan in the fridge until the chocolate hardens completely. Repeat the painting process two more times, so that there is a thick shell. Once the final layer has hardened, the tart can be filled.

4- Either prepare gluten free pudding according to package instructions, or scoop already prepared pudding from the container and spread evenly in the prepared chocolate crust. Top with fruit until the entire top of the tart is covered.

5- Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes. To remove tart from pan, begin by carefully loosening the sides by slightly pulling two sides of the pan away from the crust. Repeat with the other two sides. It's a bit like loosening an ice cube. Then, press up from the bottom to remove the chocolate tart from the sides, while the removable bottom serves as a stable bottom for the tart. Place the tart (still on the removable bottom) on a serving tray and serve. 

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