Thursday, April 2, 2015

Ideas for a Fun Gluten Free Easter Egg Hunt

My son has been gluten free for several years now, and one thing that I've always made an effort to do is ensure that he doesn't miss out on things because he can't eat gluten. Sometimes that means coming up with some creative alternatives to the way holidays are traditionally celebrated. Although you can find gluten free alternatives to most things these days, it's not always easy and they often cost much more than the original. Sometimes it's more fun (and economical) to change things up a little. If you're looking for some last minute Easter ideas for your child, here are some gluten free Easter ideas sure to make any child happy!

The Golden Egg: I wrote about this idea a few years ago, and I think my son may be old enough to enjoy this. Instead of a traditional Easter Egg hunt, the child gets sent on a hunt for the Golden Egg. A series of clues is placed around the house, each leading to the next until the child finds the Golden Egg (or basket, or whatever you wish to use). Inside the Egg is a gift of your choosing. For younger children it could be a toy they've been wanting or a surprise outing, while for older kids gift certificates, tickets to a concert, or something similar could be arranged. We bought our youngest a mini bowling set and our oldest a superhero model that he gets to make and paint himself.

Gift Baskets: When my sons where younger, I would put together an Easter basket of small dollar-store toys to give them as their gift. Sunglasses, small colouring books, mini cars, and some gluten free candy would keep them happy for hours.

Plastic Hollow Eggs: Many stores sell plastic Easter eggs that come apart and can be filled with small items. I have used these for my Easter egg hunt in the past, and it's great with small children because the eggs are big enough to be found easily. Also, it takes them forever to open each one and discover what's inside. Anything from candy to little figurines, stickers or stamps could be put inside. This year my son is going to a Lego hunt, and those little guys would be perfect to put in the eggs.


 Make Your Own: I made some of my own Easter candy this year, that I'm putting in little baskets along with my son's clues for his hunt. I bought some gluten free chocolate, melted it, and poured it into silicone molds. Once cooled, I popped them out and done!

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