Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter from Paris!

This is the first year we are spending Easter in Paris, so there isn't any extended family here to celebrate with. Instead, we've had to create a new way to celebrate Easter that doesn't include the traditional large family gathering!

Our Easter decor

Our Easter tree. I didn't know these existed before this week, but it was cute and fun to put together

We are starting our day off with an Easter hunt, as is tradition. I couldn't find the hollow plastic eggs anywhere in Paris until just a day or two before Easter, but I had already bought a small bag of gluten free chocolate eggs from a local chocolate shop that guaranteed they were gluten free. The kids and I also made some Easter chocolates that I places in cute little baskets and will give to them as a bit of a prize at the end of their short egg hunt.

The small package of eggs the Easter Bunny hid!

I know that many people gift large Easter eggs or bunnies, but we prefer to give the kids an activity to keep them occupied instead. Our youngest is getting a plastic indoor bowling kit, and the oldest is getting a Superman clay model kit that he will get to build and paint himself. Later, we'll stop off at the local church and take in the Easter mass.

This afternoon the plan is to head out to one of the many Easter Egg hunts around Paris, more for the activities than to actually hunt eggs. Although they can hunt if they want to, since I've scoped out a few that are gluten free friendly. Finally, we'll be coming back to the apartment for a special Easter dinner and the gluten free chocolate cake the kids helped me bake.

Tonight we'll take a walk to watch the sunset over the Seine, and then cuddle up with a movie. It's a holiday tomorrow, so the kids can stay up late!

I hope that your Easter Sunday is a great one, whether you celebrate or not. Enjoy the time together with family or friends, and celebrate the beginning of Spring!

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