Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

I haven't posted a Wordless Wednesday in a while, but there are so many photos from our recent move to France that I want to share that I thought this would be a great place to start!

The pyramid of the Louvre, on a winter's morning without many tourists around

A gluten free lemon tart from Bio Sphere Cafe. Review posted on Gluten Free Family Travel

Chasing giant bubbles outside the Pompidou Centre

View of the rooftops from the terrace at the Pompidou Centre

Monday, February 23, 2015

The Birthday Must Go On!

This weekend marked my oldest son's 6th birthday. Unfortunately, everyone was sick this weekend, coming down with some sort of 24 hour bug that rampaged through our systems, leaving us worn out and exhausted. I felt bad for my little guy, who was so excited to be back in Canada to celebrate with a real party, only to have to cancel because he was too sick for a big celebration.

Our first mini celebration was Friday night, with a small cake just for immediate family, followed by his main gift. Luckily, he felt great as he hadn't yet gotten sick. Unfortunately for me, it was right smack dab in the middle of my 24 hour gross-fest, so I basically made it down for the cake and that was it.

Still, he loved his new Iron Man guitar, and showed off his rock star stance for the rest of the evening. He takes guitar lessons with his Uncle Dave whenever we're in the country, so he brought his guitar along for his Saturday morning lesson. Unfortunately, the birthday boy started feeling ill on Saturday night along with my husband, and the two of them spent most of today in bed.

I didn't want to risk getting any guests sick, so we cancelled the invites and postponed the celebration. However, by this evening both my husband and my son began feeling better, so we decided to go ahead with the cake, only minus the extra guests. The cake was a chocolate cake made from XO Baking Co.'s chocolate mix, and homemade buttercream icing.

We took advantage of the slight reprieve and let him open the rest of his gifts, then watched the kids try and get the Avengers pinata to give up its goods!

I don't know how everyone will feel tomorrow, but I'm hoping it's better than it has been the past few days. We have some official paperwork to take care of before going back to France, and there's an extreme cold front  heading our way on top of it all. Thinking warm, healthy thoughts!