Tuesday, January 6, 2015

We Moved to Paris!

We moved to Paris!I originally posted this on my travel site, GlutenFreeFamilyTravel.com, but thought it was worth a repost here. 

Typically the content of the two sites are separate, but there will certainly be times when something posted on one site will be reposted on the other. 

Our move to France will be a huge source of content over the next year on both sites. Our plan to move to Toulouse changed quite quickly and unexpectedly, but was accompanied by an exciting new development!

We Moved to Paris!
My husband and I have been planning a move to France with the kids for quite a while now. At the end of November, I wrote about what brought us to this life-changing move, and announced that we would be settling in Toulouse. We had everything ready, including a place to stay while we looked for long-term accommodations.
Fast forward to just over a week before our departure date, and everything changed. My husband received a message informing him of a job opportunity: in Paris! When we first planned on moving to France he applied for a particular job in Paris, but he didn't get it. Since Paris is such an expensive city, we decided to move further south instead, to Toulouse. Then just before Christmas the same organization contacted him with an opportunity. We couldn't say no!

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