Thursday, December 11, 2014

Product Review: Grain Free JK Gourmet

Earlier this week I received a package containing some samples from Grain Free JK Gourmet. I'll be honest- before receiving these samples I had never heard of the company, but since I'm always up for discovering new products I couldn't wait to dig in. I received three items: Fig and Apricot Granola, GG Bites (kind of like sesame snaps), and Almond Cherry Chocolate.

Gluten Free and Grain Free is stamped right there on all the packages, so after confirming that the products are in fact made in a gluten free facility (peanut and dairy free too!) I rounded up my husband and the kids and we gave the products a try.

What We Thought 

All three were fantastic. Really, really, delicious. Turns out everyone has their favourite. The 2 and 5 year olds liked the GG Bites, and ate the whole bag in two days. My husband loved the granola and has declared that it should be enjoyed poured over some plain Greek yogurt. I adored the chocolate. Honey-sweetened dark chocolate with almonds and dried cherries- what more could you ask for?

GG Bites: These are small bites that reminded me of sesame snaps. They contained sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, honey, and coconut nectar and were the perfect size for little hands. Sweet but not too sweet, they gave a feeling of fullness without the sugar rush that typically accompanies similar products.
The only photo I could get in before little hands snatched them off the plate!

Fig and Apricot Granola: Everyone ate this by the handful. A grain free granola that provided the right amount of flavour and crunch! Sunflower seeds, almonds, figs, coconut, walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds and more, all sweetened with honey. Great as a cereal replacement, or over yogurt, the way my husband likes it. I love that there are really large pieces in the, so it's filling.

I like to enjoy mine with some almond milk poured over it.

Chocolate: I am a fan of dark chocolate, so for me, this was fantastic. Filled with almonds and dried cherries to add a bit more sweetness, I kept going back for more. I took the advice on the package and broke it into chunks, and then proceeded to eat almost the whole thing in one sitting. I feel no guilt.

The only product I didn't snap a pic of because, well, I was too busy eating it!

A Bit About the Company

Grain Free JK Gourmet is a local Canadian company that produces gluten free and paleo friendly products with all natural ingredients. Most of their products are sweetened with honey or plain fruit juice, not sugar. Everything is processed in a gluten and grain free facility, and I noticed the certified Kosher symbol on the products I was sent. I love that their products don't contain any preservatives or artificial ingredients. I love that they actually taste great even more!

Created by Jodi Bager in 2001, the company has grown and expanded to include a whole line of grain free products that includes granola bars, baking mixes, almond flour, granola, chocolate, and more. All the products are grain free and gluten free, making them great for those with Celiac or gluten sensitivity, as well as being paleo friendly.

Where to Buy

Grain Free JK Gourmet products are available in stores across Canada, and can be shipped to the United States. There is a handy store finder page on their website, and I was pleased to learn that their products are available in the grocery store I shop at almost every week. Prices are reasonable, and certainly not any more than your typical gluten free product. Made without all of the processed and unhealthy ingredients found in so many products, these are certainly worth the money!

I received a complimentary package of three products from Grain Free JK Gourmet in exchange for an honest review.

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