Friday, November 14, 2014

Product Review: Sam Mills Gluten Free Products

A few months ago, my mother in law came to visit us in Canada from El Salvador, and she brought along several gluten free products that we haven't seen in Canada before. One company in particular caught my eye: Sam Mills USA. My mother-in-law brought along some pasta and some granola from this company, which specializes in corn-based products.

I'm typically wary of pastas that are made from 100% corn because I find that they don't always have the best consistency, but I was pleasantly surprised by the Sam Mills pasta. It cooked up well, and kept its consistency even after being refrigerated and reheated for leftovers. Like all gluten free pasta it sucked up sauce like crazy, so I recommend making extra if planning on having pasta leftover.

When we arrived in El Salvador to visit my in-laws a few weeks ago, we headed to the grocery store to do a food run, and I immediately sought out the Sam Mills products. We picked up some cute duck shaped pasta, some shells, and another box of granola. The prices were higher than for regular products, but pretty much on par with other gluten free products.

Again, I was impressed with the quality and consistency of both the pasta and the granola. My kids loved the little ducks, and I loved that they didn't clump together in a gluey mess like some short pastas have a tendency to do. We also tried their macaroni and cheese. The flavour as pretty much identical to the original. The only comment I have is that the box is pretty small, and my five year old could pretty much eat the entire box on his own, so make two boxes if feeding more than 1 child!

Researching the company a bit more, I was surprised to discover that they're actually a Romanian company that manages a worldwide group of companies that distribute their products to over 50 countries. This is particularly exciting for my family, since we are in the process of making a move to Europe for the next year. The products are available in select European countries, so I will definitely be on the lookout!

In my research online, I came across their product page, and was impressed at the range in products. They have several different types of tortilla chips, pretzels, 12 types of pasta, 7 types of granola, animal crackers, granola bars, pasta salad and pasta side mixes, macaroni and cheeses, dinner kits (hamburger helper style kits), several types of cookies, and pasta sauces. A really extensive line of products, all gluten free. Some of their products are labeled kosher. Their website states that they test all their products using the ELISA method, the industry standard. They claim their analysis has a precision rate of 3ppm.

I know that people are always on the lookout for gluten free products that have great flavour, consistency, and quality. The few products I've tried from this company have all met these criteria, and at a pretty reasonable price. Now I just have to search out where I can find them in Canada!


  1. I looked for you but could not find a Canadian Supplier. They are sold on Amazon but only ship within the US. Their product is also sold at Wal Mart in the U.S. Perhaps if you had a friend across the border you could have an order shipped to them and they could ship it up to you. Good luck, hopefully they will be selling in Canada soon.

  2. This site in the US apparently supplies to Canadian wholesalers, according to Sam Mills US website. Maybe if you contacted them they would be willing to let you know of a wholesaler in Canada that they deal with.

    1. Thank you for checking that out for me! I do have some relatives in the US who travel to Canada frequently, so maybe I'll ask them.