Monday, October 20, 2014

The "Switch Witch" is Coming to My House This Halloween

A few days ago I wrote about my decision to participate in the Teal Pumpkin Project this Halloween, which helps raise awareness of food allergies while also supporting allergic children by also making some non-food Halloween items available for trick-or-treating kids. It would be incredible if my son could come home with a bag full of safe items for him, but I know that much of his treat bag will contain gluten-filled snacks that he cannot eat.

That's where the "Switch Witch" comes in. My son is only 5, so he's still young enough to believe in magic. Instead of simply trading his unsafe candy for more candy or simply trading it out for a toy, my husband and I like to bring a bit of magic to Halloween night.

After we sort through my son's bag, any unsafe candy will be put in another little bag that we will leave at the front door for the "Switch Witch." The Switch Witch comes in overnight and switches out the unsafe candy for a small gift bag filled with non-food treats. When my son wakes up in the morning he gets to see what the Switch Witch left him in return for his candy.

I wrote about it last year, when I left him a Superhero-themed bag. That post can be seen HERE. It was a huge success, and my son was excited about his gift. He still got to keep some candy, but didn't feel like he was losing out by letting go of some of his candy.

This idea could also work by allowing the child to choose their gift, but I like the idea of a surprise gift. I think it adds to the excitement for the child.

We also have a two year old in the house, and although he is not gluten free I think we may do the switch witch with him next year too, to get rid of some of the excess candy. It's a fun tradition that I think both kids will enjoy for the next few years.

How do you handle Halloween with a gluten free child?

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