Friday, October 17, 2014

Gluten Free Candy Lists 2014

Each year, a number of different organizations post their updated Gluten Free Candy Lists. Most lists are specific to the United States, but My Gluten Facts offers candy lists for both Canada and the United States, which I find particularly useful. For some reason, some candies that are manufactured to be gluten free in one country may have a different formulation in another country, causing confusion for consumers.

The lists in the link below also note whether the product is made on a cleaned production line, a dedicated production line, or in a dedicated facility, allowing me to decide which products I deem safe enough to feed my child.

I try to buy all my Halloween candy gluten free to keep things safe for my son, and also because I hope to make some other gluten free child happy when he or she discovers something safe to eat in their Halloween bag.

Please be aware that the candy lists are for informational purposes only. Please don't hesitate to contact manufacturer's directly if you have a question or concern about a particular product or for other allergen information. These lists are printable, so just print them out and take them with you to the store!

Gluten Free Candy List CANADA

Gluten Free Candy List UNITED STATES

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