Friday, September 5, 2014

Review: Canyon Bakehouse Gluten Free Products are Perfect for School Lunches

My 5 year old is a typical kid, who likes to eat in a hurry and loves anything he can hold in his hands rather than have the need to use a utensil. Sandwiches, wraps, hamburgers, muffins- all those fun things that are not easy to find gluten free. Over the almost 4 years that he has been gluten free, we have tried almost every brand of bread on the market, with varying degrees of success. Most gluten free breads come frozen, and then not only have to be defrosted but also have to be toasted before being edible. Others have huge holes in the middle, or are dry and mealy.

So when Canyon Bakehouse Gluten Free contacted me with an offer of some samples, I said yes out of curiosity. I had been hearing some pretty good things about their products online from some of my gluten free friends, and was curious to try it out for myself. As a Canadian, I find that we often don't have the same choices in products as in the United States, so whenever a brand I've been hearing about but didn't have access to becomes available, I like to see what all the fuss is about.

My samples arrived the day we were moving out of our house and into a hotel before heading off to Europe. The timing was perfect, as my son's toaster had been packed, and I wasn't going to use the hotel room toaster because of cross-contamination issues. I received a White bread, a 7 Grain bread, a Cinnamon Raisin bread, and some muffins.

The boys tore into the muffins the first night at the hotel, and I was surprised at the size of them. They weren't gargantuan, but they were a nice size, and had a good texture. The five year old wanted his warmed up, and so I stuck it in the microwave for about 5 seconds. It did make the muffin softer and enhanced the flavor quite a bit. My younger son liked the muffin as is, and it would be a great snack to pack for a day out or as a treat in a school lunch.

In my opinion however, the bread is the real standout. I didn't refrigerate or freeze the bread, instead putting it in the kitchen drawer of the hotel room kitchen. The bread stayed soft and didn't lose any of its texture or flavour. The slices were about the same size as any other gluten free bread, but the texture is what sets it apart. The Cinnamon Raisin bread was so good that my son kept asking for it as a snack. It was gone in two days, and I was worried that he wouldn't eat the other breads because they weren't sweet.

I was wrong! Both my sons ate the White and the Multigrain bread as snacks, no complaints. I was really impressed. I made sandwiches that could be wrapped up and taken out for the day without losing their quality. I used to avoid sending my son to school with sandwiches because the toasted bread was hard and dry by lunchtime. This bread doesn't need to be toasted, and has the perfect soft sandwich texture.

I'm really happy with this product, and excited to explore more products in their line.  If you live in Canada or the United States, you can find where to buy their products HERE.

I was provided with free samples of this product in return for an honest review.

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