Friday, August 15, 2014

Tutorial: How to Decorate a Sprinkle Cake

A few weeks ago I made a rainbow sprinkle cake as the Kid's Cake at a birthday party that featured a bigger main cake that wasn't gluten free. Since posting photos of the cake, I've received several requests for instructions on how to create one.
 It was actually one of the easiest cake I've ever decorated, since it's almost impossible to mess up. I think a round cake works better than a square or rectangular one, and would be easier to decorate.

Let's get started!

 Materials Needed for a Double Layer 9 Inch Cake

-Ingredients to make the cake
-Enough white icing for a coating of icing to cover the cake (About 4 cups)
-About 2-3 cups of small, round rainbow sprinkles
-Flat spatula or knife to ice the cake
-Cake stand
-Large container to catch excess

How to Decorate a Sprinkle Cake

1- Bake a cake according to your favourite recipe and let cool. I actually placed mine in the freezer for about 20 minutes to firm it up and to minimize the crumbs.  A vanilla cake looks best because it doesn't show through the icing. That way you don't have to be perfect when icing the cake.

2- Using a small pastry or baking brush, brush off the excess crumbs. Assemble the two layers of cake with a thin layer of white icing to keep them together ,and then apply a thin crumb coat over the entire cake. Follow that up with a thicker, clean coat.

3- Place the cake stand over a plate or container to catch the excess sprinkles. Place the sprinkles in a bowl. Using your hands, place handfuls of sprinkles into the icing. No need to press hard, just enough to embed them into the cake.

4- Using the same crumb brush, brush off the excess sprinkles, then clean around the edge of the cake. Refrigerate for about a half hour to set.

That's it! Guaranteed to please kids or those who are simply kids at heart!

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