Sunday, July 6, 2014

An Unexpected Day Out

Yesterday we had an appointment for someone to come and see our house, so we decided to take the kids out for a treat. Our gluten free son was completely dairy free for a long time, but is now able to digest small amounts of dairy, so we took him to Dairy Queen. I checked out the Dairy Queen Gluten Free menu online, and discovered a few items he could eat.  I have to admit, I got a little sad when I asked him if he wanted a sundae and he didn't know what one was.

While we were at DQ, we got a call that a few more viewings were booked, and we now had an afternoon free. We usually head to my parents' house when we have more than an hour or two of viewings, but this time we decided to check out a small family farm we discovered last year.

Round the Bend Farm is a farm that grows a variety of vegetables, but mainly corn, lettuce, tomatoes, pumpkins, and squash. The also have turkeys and sell some turkey products. What my kids really enjoy is the small play area, the goats and pigs, and the corn maze. We spent a good hour exploring the farm, and then picked up some local honey, some lettuce, and some chili-lime turkey sausages.

We decided to keep driving further north to take in the scenery, and we stumbled across a play called Spray Lake, a man-made lake that hosts water skiing and wakeboarding events and competitions. Apparently it's been there for years, but I've never heard of it. We drove up just to check it out, and discovered that there are also picnic areas and a small sandy beach that leads to a stretch of shallow water. Since the lake is small, the water was warm.

The kids waded in and had a great time splashing around, before we got them dried off and changed. Next time we're bringing a picnic and our bathing suits, and making an afternoon of it!

Finally, we spotted a local winery called Holland Marsh Wineries. I'm familiar with the wineries of Niagara Falls, but I didn't know that there was a local winery so close to home. We pulled into the winery and noticed a small wedding being set up on the grounds. We checked out the store and picked up a bottle of their red before heading home. We had a glass of the wine later that evening, and it was nice and dry, with a hint of cherry. I was really impressed with the quality.

Overall, it was a great day to be out with the kids. The original plan had been to do some of the cooking for the week and get some of my freelance work done, but this was a much better way to spend a gorgeous summer Saturday!

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