Monday, June 16, 2014

Some Father's Day Memories

It's been kind of busy around here with the house on the market, and as a result my blogging schedule has taken a bit of a hit. I like to blog daily, but that just hasn't been possible the past few weeks, so I apologize. However, life goes on, whether there are people wandering through my house or not, and yesterday we spent some great family time celebrating Father's Day with the family.


The weather was fantastic, and the kids had a great time playing outside, going to the park, playing dance games on the Wii, and watching France beat Honduras in the World Cup. For the record, my husband was cheering for Honduras, since his grandmother is from there and he's from neighbouring El Salvador. My son was cheering for France because that's where we're hoping to move once the house sells!

We started the day with breakfast in bed for my husband. The kids helped me make a breakfast burrito using Udi's Gluten Free Tortillas (and then I had to make another because the toddler took one bite and then refused to let go of the burrito until it was gone!) and a fruit salad.

My son wanted to get my husband something soccer-related for the occasion, so we bought him an England shirt. I would just like to mention that in all things football, my husband and I cheer for different teams. I cheered for France, he for Honduras. I wanted Italy to win, he wanted England. I love the Netherlands, him not so much. There's a friendly rivalry in our home.

We then headed to my parents' house for the rest of the day. Xavier is now old enough to enjoy the swings, and Etienne and my niece Mya are old enough to entertain themselves by playing badminton or kicking around a ball. The baby had a mini ice cream cone (somebody really has to make a gluten free version of these!), while the older kids helped me make watermelon popsicles.

We had a nice visit, and my dad liked his gifts. For dinner, we had a great meal of baked fish, quinoa salad, sweet potatoes, grilled vegetables and peaches, and gluten free cupcakes for dessert.

I have a great father who has always been involved in his children and grand-children's lives, and a great husband who is an incredible dad, so it was fun to celebrate Father's Day with them both. I hope your Father's Day was as much fun as mine was!

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