Sunday, May 4, 2014

Gluten Free Weekly Meal Plan (May 5-9, 2014)

Good morning! I'm getting ready to head out to the Toronto Gluten Free Expo in a few minutes, and I can't wait to talk to the vendors and try out new products. If you're in the GTA and are looking for something fun to do, I highly recommend it!

Here's what we're eating this week.

Monday: Bacon, Apple, and Mushroom Stuffed Acorn Squash (Recipe Coming Soon)

Tuesday: Baked Ribs with Cattleboyz BBQ Sauce & Steamed Broccoli

Wednesday: Chickpea & Cumin Soup (Recipe coming this week!) and Udi's Dinner Rolls

Thursday: Gluten Free Spaghetti in a Tomato Sauce

Friday: Gluten Free Roasted Vegetable Sandwich with Goat Cheese and Green Salad
(I use gluten free ciabatta buns I buy at the grocer store in the frozen section. If you can't find any, you can make your own focaccia style bread by using Bob's Red Mill pizza dough and baking it without adding toppings. Add the vegetables and cheese once baked. Click HERE for how I do it)

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