Monday, May 12, 2014

Get Kombucha! Bottling my Kombucha the Quick and Easy Way

A few weeks ago I received my very own Continuous Brew Kit from Get Kombucha and started brewing my very own Kombucha tea at home. Much less expensive than store bought, a continuous brew kit allows for a batch of Kombucha to be brewing at all times, and also makes it easy to brew big batches and to bottle your tea without complicated materials.

I brewed my first batch and bottled it, but it didn't effervesce (bubble) exactly the way I wanted it to, so I waited until my second batch was ready to go to write this post. The second batch was amazing- tart yet a bit sweet, with just the right amount of bubbles and no vinegary aftertaste. My husband even started drinking it! The Gold Continuous Brewing Kit that I was sent for review included 6 single serving sized bottles to put the tea in, perfect for taking them with me on the go.

However, when I started making double batches, I went out and bought large glass bottles that could hold 1 litre of tea each, making storing large quantities in the fridge simpler.

I had been a bit nervous about the whole bottling process because I had read several accounts online of how complicated it was to actually get the tea into bottles without spilling it everywhere or having it get contaminated by pouring over skin during the process. Turns out I worried for no reason. The kombucha brewing system I have includes a spout on the side of the container, and the container sits on a raised platform, making the bottle-filling process incredibly simple and spill-free. The only adjustment I had to make was when filling the larger bottle. I had to pull my container to the edge of the counter so that the bottle fit underneath. No tilting or second person required.

I have to admit, without the continuous brew kit, I probably wouldn't have ever bothered to make kombucha on my own. That, or I would have made one messy, pain in the butt batch and decided that store-bought was just fine after all. Instead, I've been continuous brewing for over a month now and I love it. It's so simple, and takes almost no effort at all to get kombucha that tastes as good as bottled.

Get Kombucha offers a variety of brewing products and packages, from basic supplies right up to comprehensive brew packages that contain everything you need to get started and keep brewing for a long time. I was sent the Gold Continuous Brew Kit, which contains the following (kit info taken directly from Get Kombucha's site): 
  • Certified Lead Free Porcelain Brewer.  FDA approved ~ 2.5 gallons ~ 1 foot in diameter.
  • Hand Crafted Wood Stand. Raises your brewer an additional foot making the total height 2 feet and enables bottling your kombucha a breeze on any counter top!
  • TWO Fully Grown Organic Kombucha Mother Mushroom Cultures - 6 inches in diameter!  Individually packaged in its own organic kombucha starter tea ~ add both cultures in with your brewer to speed up fermentation times OR save one for future experimental brewing with your kombucha boosters!
  • Dispenser Spigots, Covers, Fastener Bands, PH Strips, Muslin Tea Filters, Brewing Gloves, Evaporated Cane Juice and More!  We give you everything you need to make brewing a breeze.  We even include double the spigots and covers in both black and white so you can customize your brewer and alwas have a backup... we got you covered!
  • Bottling Bottles with “Flavor Caps”  6 Food grade plastic pressure bottles to ensure safety and making the "fizz" fool proof.  The flavor caps are different color caps helping you identify all the different flavors you are going to make.
  • Kombucha Whole Leaf Tea Blend.   120 servings so that you can enjoy Gallons of free continuous brewing kombucha tea at home.  This is our proprietary kombucha tea blend specifically designed for continuous kombucha tea brewing.
  • Kombucha Extract.  30 Servings! Perfect for traveling or adding to your brewer to "kick start" your kombucha tea.
  • Lifetime Membership to Get Kombucha Continuous Brew Community Support Forums and Trainings ($195 Value)
  • Digestion and Weight Loss Booster. ($20 Value)
  • Kombucha Continuous Brew Kombucha System Set Up AND Lonjevity Instant Online Video Access.  ($35 Value)
My kit was delivered to my door within a few days of ordering, and was simple to set up and get started.

If you're curious about how my efforts at setting up and getting started went, read my first post about Brewing Kombucha at Home. I'm really, really, new at this, unlike many people who have been home brewing kombucha tea for years. I found the process really simple using this kit, and am planning on continuing to brew and experiment with flavours. I'm a happy customer!

***I received a complimentary Gold Package Continuous Brew Kit in return for an honest review.

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