Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Cookbook of the Month & Giveaway Winner

Before I get to the cookbook review, I want to give a huge congratulations to Alana J., the winner of the Blender Girl cookbook! Congratulations!

I chose The Blender Girl cookbook as April's cookbook of the month, and I'm so glad I did! This book is full of fun and easy gluten free and vegan recipes that anyone can make with the help of a blender.

While most recipes are liquid in nature, including smoothies, nut milks, soups, and dressings, not everything is of the liquid variety. In many cases, the sauce is the part made in the blender, while other ingredients are prepared in different ways.

What I like about this book is that it offers a lot of information without being preachy, and the recipes are simple to follow and use ingredients I recognize. My family's food budget is pretty tight, and I make an effort to eat healthy on a budget, and this cookbook has several recipes that use inexpensive ingredients. Not everything is cheap to make, but many are inexpensive. In fact, one of my family's new favourite recipes, the Chimichurri Bowl, uses inexpensive sweet potatoes and squash as two of the main ingredients. I omitted the mushrooms and added what we had on hand.

I have to admit, when I first saw the book, I thought it would be nothing but smoothies (and I was ok with that!), but it offers so much more, including mains and desserts. Also, the photography is great, something I love in a cookbook.

I received a complimentary copy of this title from Random House Canada in exchange for an honest review. 

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