Saturday, March 1, 2014

What's in Store for March!

Celiac Baby! Has Big Plans this March!

March is always a busy month in my house, and this year is no exception. And big months in my house mean big things for the blog, as well! Although it's still polar vortex weather around here, March ushers in Spring, and I'm clinging to the belief that Spring will eventually get here. The time changes next week, meaning that the days will get longer, giving us more light in the evenings for longer. That's certainly something to look forward to. 

March is also when children are off school for a week. Where I live, March Break starts next Friday. For many parents, a week off for the kids means a week of organizing activities to keep the kids from going stir crazy. Don't worry, I've got you covered with some fun ideas that should entertain kids of all ages. Since my little guy is only five and the toddler is too young for many activities, I've also got some ideas for parents of young kids. 

Many people will be getting ready for Easter, beginning with Mardi Gras (or pancake Tuesday!) and the beginning of Lent. For others, St. Patrick's Day offers a great reason to celebrate and be Irish for the day. Since my mom is actually descended from the Irish, I love throwing on some green and celebrating. For those who are gluten free, a pint of Guiness isn't on the menu, but there are plenty of gluten free beers worth their weight in four leaf clovers. 

Finally, my husband and I both celebrate our birthdays in March, just over ten days apart. That means birthday cake! I have some ideas about how to host an inclusive birthday party, some simple party food that is naturally gluten free, and my buttercream icing recipe. 

And did I mention that I've decided to commit to my health in March? A whole lot of thought has gone into my new outlook on my health, based on a number of factors. But that's a post for another day! 

So, hasta la vista February, and WELCOME MARCH! Let's hope the old saying of in like a lion, out like a lamb holds true, and after the next bout of ridiculous winter weather Spring elbows its way in.  

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