Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Book Review: How to Find the Perfect Vacation Rental

How to Find the Perfect Vacation Rental 

by Gillian Duffy

In the last few years there has been a huge rise in the use of vacation rentals by travellers and yet I still meet people in my day to day life who have no idea that this is possible. They don’t know what is available, aren’t familiar with which vacation rental websites to use, and are overwhelmed by the searching and selection process. 

In How to Find the Perfect Vacation Rental I explain what a vacation rental is and who they are best suited for. I honestly state what the benefits and drawbacks are and include a cost comparison case study to show the financial value of vacation rentals. The bulk of the book, though, is written to combat the feeling of overwhelm that people face when searching for a property. I break down the criteria selection process, compare vacation rental websites, compile a list of questions to ask, and walk the reader through the exact process we use to find and enjoy vacation rentals around the world. 

In How to Find the Perfect Vacation Rental you will learn all that we know about renting short-term vacation rentals around the world. You'll discover the benefits of renting short term apartments, houses, cottages, or bungalows versus paying for regular hotel rooms and whether you are a good fit for this option. You'll be able to set up a list of criteria to use when looking for a property to save time, frustration, and hassle. You'll know what you're looking for before you start searching. You'll learn how to go about finding the perfect vacation rental, how to find rental websites, and how to use them so that the process isn't completely overwhelming. 

You'll see a comparison of some of the top vacation rental sites out there and see which ones are recommended. You'll get answers to the questions and concerns you have so that you'll feel comfortable and confident in the process and will be sure that you have found the perfect vacation rental for you. And you'll see the exact process we use to book vacation rentals ourselves. You can be sure that if this process works over and over for us that it will work for you too.

My review

You may be wondering what a book about vacation rentals has to do with gluten free living. It has a lot to do with it. Traveling while gluten free is not always easy. Finding safe places to eat takes a ton of research, and more often than not the hotel restaurant has few safe options. If you've paid for an all-inclusive, those buffets can be dangerous due to all the cross-contamination issues. I'm not advocating never staying in a hotel again, but sometimes a vacation rental is the answer.

As a Canadian, I'm used to renting cottages during the summer, but when my husband and I took the kids to Costa Rica last year it was the first time I'd ever used a vacation rental overseas. It was incredible! We stayed in a large home with a private pool in a gated community that offered fantastic amenities, and was only 5 minutes from the beach. For only $550 a week. We were able to cook most of our meals at the home, keeping my son safe and our costs low. We did go out and eat at a few restaurants, but we were able to do our research ahead of time and keep our son safe. 

That's why I like this book so much. If you like to travel but are getting tired of the cost of most hotels, or are looking for a more authentic travel experience, a vacation rental may be the answer, and this book walks you through everything you need to know. It gives you checklists of what to look for, how to spot a scam, and how to keep your costs down. 

Written by a travel expert, Gillian has spent the last several years traveling the world with her husband, staying in vacation rentals a large part of the time. She's been there and tried that, and can help you avoid some of the most common pitfalls so that you can find the vacation rental of your dreams. 

A recommended read. 

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  1. Thanks for the review Kathleen. As you pointed out, you and your family are perfect candidates for vacation rentals. I love them for the roominess, ability to relax, and save money self catering a bit; but you, and many others, have a special need to care for and the extra amenities can go a long way to making a vacation more relaxing when you can be in control of those important pieces.