Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Lifestyle Change for my Birthday!

Today is my birthday, and I was greeted by my husband and my kids for a great morning that involved gluten free cupcakes (which my sons pretty much ate in one bite). I don't get as excited for my birthday these days as I used to, but I still like to celebrate and enjoy the day with the people I love.

This year, I'm giving myself a gift for my birthday: A lifestyle change!

Actually, the truth is that I've been gradually changing my lifestyle over the past few months, but it's time to kick it up a notch. Since having my boys, my health has never quite gone back to what it was pre-pregnancy, and I don't just mean my weight (although, yes, I need to lose some of that).  Since my oldest son was sick pretty much since birth, it was easy to just put all my focus on his health needs, even though I was feeling less than my best.

I developed hypothyroidism after my first child was born, and although it eventually corrected itself, my metabolism has never been the same since. I don't sleep well, don't get enough exercise, and could stand to have a better diet. While I've been saying I was going to do this for a while, the past year has really reinforced for me that the time is now.

It's been a tough health year for my family. Two of my Aunts passed away, my Uncle had a heart attack, another was hospitalized with an illness, my father-in-law underwent major heart surgery, and the list goes on. While there's no guarantee that living healthy will keep illness and disease at bay, there's pretty good evidence to show that by not living well I'm pretty much inviting it in to take up residence in my body. I'm going to do everything I can to make my body as healthy and strong as possible and to minimize the risk factors for certain illnesses, particularly those that seem to run in my family.

It's Not Just About Weight Loss! 

Is this about weight loss? Partly. I'm the heaviest I've ever been in my life barring when I was pregnant, and I don't like it. I get tired more quickly than I used to, and I worry that as I get older it will become even more difficult to lose weight. I know the weight range I need to be in to be at a healthy BMI, and this is not it.

But this is about so much more than weight loss. I want to sleep better at night. I want to have lower negative stress levels. I want to exercise more, and get outside with my kids. I want to improve my eating habits and keep focusing more and more on natural, healthy foods. I don't want to develop weight-related illnesses, or increase my risk for certain diseases by not moving regularly.

My current lifestyle isn't awful. In fact, my diet is pretty healthy. Still, I'm ready to kick things up a notch!

Personal and Professional 

This isn't only about diet and exercise. This is about QUALITY OF LIFE. The products I use in my home, the food I put in my body, how I spend my spare time, the work I do, the time I spend with family and friends, all of it.

Rome wasn't built in a day, but they didn't wait for one building to be finished before starting another, either. I'm making some plans, and I'm excited about some of the changes I'll be making both personally and professionally. If you're also looking for change in your life, let me know, and we can support each other.

I'll be writing about my new habits and changes over the next little while, sharing my progress and setbacks, and hopefully offering some inspiration along the way.

I'm ready to get started!

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