Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Son's 5th Birthday Party was a Success!

Over the weekend we threw my son a 5th birthday party for a few of his friends. Last year we went to Chuck E. Cheese, but this year he wanted to go bowling. We checked around, and settled on Woodbridge Bowl, which offers 10 pin bowling, but with lighter balls, ramps, and bumpers. Their party deal was reasonably priced, and included a party size pizza, chips, juice for the kids, and coffee for the parents. We also ordered chicken fingers and fries for the adults.

Like any parent with a child who has food restrictions, I was ready to provide all of my son's food for him, so I was surprised to learn that they could accommodate us to a certain degree. The bowling alley ordered us a gluten free personal pizza for my son, and provided gluten free chips for the chip bowls. It was a little thing, but it meant a lot to my son, who got to eat a pizza that looked just like everyone else's. We served him the chips before all those little gluten-filled hands hit the chip bowls, and everything was fine.

The party lasted two hours, with an hour of bowling and an hour in the party room, and it was the perfect amount of time. The kids were just getting tired of the bowling when it was time to head into the party room, which was the bowling alley's small pub/restaurant, closed off for us. It was more comfortable than most party rooms, and had a long row of seating for the kids, with a separate one for the adults, allowing us to supervise but not be right in their faces. It was also secluded enough that the kids could make as much noise as they wanted and not bother anyone.

 I provided the cake, a gluten free one made with XO Baking Co.'s Chocolate Cake Mix & homemade buttercream icing with Iron Man and the Hulk on top.

At the end of the party, they provided goodie bags for the kids, full of toys and games and no candy, which is great for parents of kids with allergies or other restrictions. There's nothing worse than having to take away half the contents of a gift bag from your kid. The best part? Everyone had a great time! There were no meltdowns, no one was left out, and no arguments.

With his new guitar case!

And a very, very happy birthday boy!


  1. That's awesome! Happy birthday to Etienne, and what a great-looking homemade cake!

  2. That is absolutely amazing that the bowling alley was able to provide him with some gf food!