Friday, February 28, 2014

February 2014 Cookbook of the Month Review: Let's Eat Out Around the World Gluten Free & Allergy Free 4th Ed.

Let's Eat Out Around the World Gluten Free and Allergy Free

Kim Koeller and Robert La France

Eat safe gluten free and allergy free meals in your home and at any restaurant around the corner or anywhere across the globe.

Packed with everything you need to know to prepare meals or navigate a menu in any eating establishment, "Let's Eat Out Around the World Gluten Free and Allergy Free" is an easy-to-use resource that helps you to: Confidently avoid meals with gluten, wheat, corn, dairy, egg, fish, peanut, shellfish, soy, and tree nuts Discover 175-plus dishes across seven ethnic cuisines including French, Indian, Italian, Mexican, Steak and Seafood, Chinese, and Thai Understand ingredients, food preparation, hidden allergens and cross-contact Ask the right questions and order safe meals with or without gluten free menus and allergy charts Plan trips, holidays, and business travel with detailed checklists for snacks, airlines, hotels, and cruise lines Explore overseas destinations with chef translation cards and international travel tips.

Publisher: Demos
Publication Date: January 16, 2014 


This book is more of a resource book than a full out cookbook, designed to help readers enjoy cuisines from around the world with confidence, whether traveling abroad or simply trying out a new restaurant close to home. The book covers 6 traditional cuisines, including Italian, French, Indian, Thai, Mexican, and Chinese, explaining ingredients and how they're used. I like that this is not just a gluten free resource, but an allergy resource as well, because many households with gluten free members also have additional food restrictions as well. My son has limited tolerance for traditional dairy products, and my husband has a severe allergy to shellfish. Being able to identify dishes that may include something such as a fish sauce or a traditional flour-based roux can help us avoid illness when eating at restaurants at home or abroad. 

My family has been working around my son's gluten free diet for over 3 years now, so for us, the checklists aren't really needed, but I think they would be incredibly useful for someone new to the diet or newly diagnosed with a life-threatening allergy. The author of this book is the mind behind Gluten Free Passport, a site that has a huge number of resources to help make travel easier for those who are gluten free. 

If you're new to gluten free, or simply aren't sure where to start when it comes to branching out and trying new foods, this book is an excellent resource. 

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I received a complimentary copy of this title from NetGalley in return for an honest review. 

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