Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Product Review: Glutino Gluten Free Pie Crust Mix

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There are many gluten free products out there that can easily compete with their regular versions, but pie crusts haven't seemed to be one of them. I'm not against posting reviews of products I don't like, but I prefer to let people know about products I love instead. Finding a gluten free pie crust that can compete with a regular pie crust has been difficult.

A few years ago I found the Kawartha Bakery pie crust, which is a frozen rolled crust. I was divine. The only problem is that it's only available at their bakery near Peterborough, or at another location in Oshawa. Too far for me to drive regularly. Since then, I tried everything from frozen pie crusts, to mixes, to recipes. They've all worked, but none of them were great. 

So I approached this Glutino Perfect Pie Crust Mix with fairly low expectations, and was blown away by how great it worked out! The box makes the equivalent of two pie crusts, and is really easy to work with. One of the problems I find with most gluten free pie crusts is that they are either too difficult to work with and the crust breaks when moving it from the table to the pie dish. The other problem I find is that they either don't brown properly or they're so crumbly they fall to pieces when cutting a slice of pie. 

I didn't have either of those problems with this mix. Preparing the mix was easy, and after chilling it I was able to roll it out on a floured surface without any trouble. I made two recipes with one box- a savoury meat pie, and butter tarts. The meat pie needed the crust for the top, and I was able to roll the dough around a floured rolling pin and unroll it on top of the pie without it breaking. It baked up nice and flaky and had a great taste. 

The crust held up to being sliced, too.

For the butter tarts, I made mini butter tarts where the dough needed to be pressed into mini muffin tins. The dough pressed in without breaking and didn't stick to the tins once baked. Again, the crust held up to the sticky butter tart filling, and was nice and flaky. By the way, if you're looking for the butter tart recipe, you can find it by clicking HERE.

I'm very happy with this product. It easily makes enough dough for two pies, and the finished product can stand up to any regular pie crust. I paid around $5 for the mix, which makes 2 crusts.

Good stuff Glutino.

This isn't a sponsored post of any kind. I saw the mix, bought it, tried it, and reviewed it.

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  1. I love Glutino and can't believe the local 99 cent store carries some of their items. A few months ago this very product was, you guessed it, 99 cents (and no, not expired!) so I stocked up with about 5 boxes. It was very good and I used it all up already. Their bread is good too and also their cereal.