Monday, December 2, 2013

Product Review: Goldbaum's Gluten Free Products

A few weeks ago I received a box of samples from Goldbaums, a company that produces and sells gluten free products. I didn't know much about the company, but once I started reading up on them, I was impressed. Goldbaums products are gluten free, and are produced in a facility that is free from gluten, soy, dairy, and nuts, which is an important consideration for people with allergies or other food restrictions. I also noticed that the products I was sent were kosher and GMO free.

I received pasta, flatbread crackers, chips, chow mein noodles, soup mandel (or soup croutons), ice cream bowls, and more. I have to say, everything was high quality and could rival a gluten-filled counterpart. My son was most excited about the dessert cups. They are ice cream cones, but in a bowl shape, perfect for a banana split! I've never seen anything like them before, and they would make great sundaes for two.

I really liked the flatbreads. They came in a few flavours, but even the basic sea salt were flavourful. They were large enough to use as a base for a snack, and they didn't go soggy, even after I topped mine with bruschetta topping. I also liked the quinoa chips. They had all natural ingredients, were low in fat, and came in great flavours, like BBQ.

The true test for me, of course, was the pasta. I've been searching for a gluten free fettuccine noodles, and these were the first I've found. Brown rice pasta can sometimes be troublesome because it has a tendency to soak up all the sauce and go hard if not eaten right away, but I didn't have either of those problems with this product. The pasta cooked perfectly al dente, and while the sauce adhered to the pasta the way an Alfredo sauce should, the pasta was still soft and creamy when we had it for leftovers a day or two later.

I have to admit, I am a new fan of this company. There wasn't one product in the entire box of samples that I wouldn't happily pay money for. The quality of the products is very high without sacrificing quality of texture or flavour. I will definitely be stocking up on flatbreads for my holiday appetizers, and I have a few ideas in mind for the pasta. Some great options for gluten free shoppers.

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Goldbaums products can be found at stores such as Whole Foods, Shop Rite, Kings, Shop & Stop, Price Chopper, and others.

*I received free samples from Goldbaums in exchange for an honest review. I was not financially compensated for this post.

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