Thursday, December 19, 2013

Organic Works Bakery in London, Ontario

A few weeks ago I received a HUGE box of samples from Organic Works Bakery in London, Ontario. My son gets excited when I receive products for the blog because he thinks everything is for him since it's all gluten free. He was not disappointed with this delivery. The box contained Chocolate Chip Cookies, Double Chocolate Cookies, Ginger Cookies, Lemon Cranberry Cookies, No Nut Peanut Butter Cookies, Zucchini Bread, Banana Bread, Focaccia Bread, Brown Rice Bread, Rye-Style Bread, and more.

Did I mention it was all gluten free?

Organic Works is a gluten, nut, dairy, lactose, and soy free vegan bakery that creates mouth-watering baked goods free from so many of the ingredients that make my son sick. Their gluten-free protocols are listed right on the Organic Works website, so have a look if you're interested in more information. Located in London, Ontario, they have a wide variety of baked goods, but also a full café and catering menu to choose from.

The samples they sent me were incredible. Seriously good. Since good gluten free bread is hard to come by, the first thing I did was make everyone grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner. The bread was a good size, held up under the pressure of being thrown in a frying pan, and passed the taste test of my four year old. I used goat milk butter and cheddar, and it has now become my son's favourite sandwich. The bread didn't have to be frozen, and was good even without being toasted.

The next thing we did was break into the cookies. Obviously. We started with the chocolate chip, and I was impressed with the flavour and texture. My son wanted to keep the rest of those for himself, so my husband and I tried the lemon cranberry ones. Again, the cookies were soft and chewy, and the flavour was the perfect combination of sweet and tart. The ginger cookies had the perfect amount of spice.

It took us a few days to take a bite of everything, and the quality of the products was exceptional. The zucchini bread was the best I've had; moist with a slightly spicy aroma that reminded me of Christmas.

It's obvious that the owners of this bakery take pride in their products and are very good at what they do. The ingredient lists are available online, and it was refreshing to see ingredients I can pronounce, and lists that didn't include 20+ ingredients to make a simple cookie. These products are certainly a step above anything I've seen in most grocery stores. Gluten free or not, everything was amazing. I researched them online and found that they have a wide line of products, including cakes, available in their bakery.

As I was lamenting the fact that I don't live in London, Ontario, I discovered that Organic Works products are available in stores all across Ontario, including several near me. To find out if there's a store near you, click on the Organic Works' Find Our Products page. It's great to have healthier options available that don't crumble like sand and taste like chalk. The prices on the website are in line with other gluten free or specialty products, and I think they're worth every penny.

**I received complimentary product from Organic Works in return for an honest review. I did not receive any other form of financial compensation.


  1. I came across Organic Works at the Gluten Free Garage. Just as divine as you say!

  2. We LOVE Organic Works Bakery! They deliver their baked goods every week to our favourite health food store here in Waterloo, and their breads are the only kinds of gf breads we ever buy. I'm so glad you've found them now, too! :)