Saturday, December 28, 2013

Ice Storm Madness

If you live anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area, out to Eastern Canada and through many parts of the United States, the past week has been a mess of ice storms, power outages, and that special celebration some of us call Christmas. A busy time no matter what, but add in a crazy storm that turned the world into something out of a fairy tale while simultaneously knocking out power for hundreds of thousands of people, and things get crazy.

We lost power for two days. We moved the kids to my parents house after a night shivering in the cold, only to find out that they had lost power 10 minutes before we arrived. Hearing that power could be out for days for some customers, we booked a hotel room for the night and prayed that power would be restored soon. The next day we learned that power at my house was back on, so I took my kids and my niece home while everyone else made the trek into their various jobs. That night, my parents had power as well.

Some people haven't been as lucky. A friend of mine got his power back today. He spent 6 days without power, including over Christmas, which has hard on his 5 year old son. I'm lucky that my outage was so short. New power outages are continuing to hit the city even as power is being restored because the snowfall we had on Christmas day is weighing down branches and power lines even more, and high winds are knocking things down.

Thankfully we have a cold room in our house (no self-respecting Italian would live in a house without a cantina) so no food went bad, and our pipes didn't freeze. The stores were out of salt, so our driveway had the distinction of being the embarrassing one on the street that was an ice rink. I'm serious. Neighbourhood kids were using it to skate with their boots on.

Despite the destruction, the storm did leave a beautiful landscape in its wake. The trees glitter at night and throw rainbows during the day. The icicles look like something off a postcard, and the shards of ice look like thousands of shards of glass in the fields. I took some pictures. Now I'm ready for Spring.

Mother Nature is clearly trying to remind us that she's in charge, and is telling those of us who live here that she can up the rent any time she wishes. I, for one, would be happy to never experience another ice storm again. Maybe I should have left out some cookies for Mother Nature instead of Santa. Thoughts for next year.

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