Friday, December 6, 2013

Holiday Appetizer #2: Mascarpone Stuffed Dates Wrapped in Prosciutto

Dates are often thought of as a dessert item due to their natural sweetness, but paired with mascarpone and prosciutto, they make an incredible appetizer. I had a hunch that these would be good, but I was actually surprised at just how addictive they turned out. The sweetness of the dates is tempered by the creaminess of the mascarpone and the prosciutto adds a touch of saltiness to balance everything out. These are impossible to get wrong. Use pitted dates for even quicker assembly.

Mascarpone cheese is a mild, spreadable Italian cheese that is often flavoured with sweet or savoury flavours to match the dish. It's the cheese used to make tiramisu, the popular Italian dessert. Prosciutto is a type of dried ham, served in thin slices.

Appetizer #2 Mascarpone Stuffed Dates Wrapped in Prosciutto


(For 12 appetizers)

12 Large Dates, pitted
1/2 Cup Mascarpone Cheese
2 Slices Prosciutto


1- To pit dates, slice on lengthwise. Pull sides open gently and take out the pit. Dates are easiest to work with when they are at room temperature.

2- Using a small spoon or a pastry bag, fill the date with cheese.

3- Take one slice of prosciutto. Using a sharp knife, cut the small piece of fat from the outside, then cut the slice in half widthwise (so you have two shorter, thicker pieces). Then, slice each of those pieces lengthwise to create 4 thin strips.

4-Take one strip and wrap it around the date so that the ends meet up on the bottom. Lightly press them to stick. Repeat the process with the remaining dates. Garnish with some dried parsley or finely chopped fresh parsley for colour.

Can be eaten immediately, or kept in the refrigerator if made in advance.

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