Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Celiac Baby Turns Three!

Today is a very exciting day around here. First, today is my mom's 60th birthday! It's a big milestone, and I'm excited to celebrate with her soon.

Second, Celiac Baby! turns 3 today. Not quite as impressive as 60, but still pretty amazing. The few months before I started this blog, when my son was extremely sick all the time and we didn't know how to help him, were awful.

When he was still sick all the time

I began Celiac Baby! as a way to connect with others who are gluten free, mainly so that I could learn from the experiences of others. It's incredibly exciting and very, very, humbling to realize that now people who are new at this turn to me for information.
The kid behind the blog

I'll be honest, sometimes I feel like I still have no idea what I'm doing, especially when I read sites that cite facts and studies and tout specific food combinations for optimal health. Other times, like when someone sends me a question asking for a recipe for a sugar cookie, or how to explain to their child that they probably won't be able to eat the cake at the birthday party, I realize how far I've come. I'm still learning, but now I have resources and three years of trial and error under my belt.

Since this little page started, I've tried to provide information that I find useful, including recipes and meal plans, travel information, tips and tricks, holiday ideas, and monthly cookbook reviews. There is now a full year of cookbook reviews under the Cookbooks Tab  , 3 years of Weekly Menu Plans, and much more. Celiac Baby! has expanded past just this blog, and I've made so many wonderful connections as a result. If you haven't yet connected with me elsewhere, I would love to connect on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn.


This year I have been lucky to interact with a growing number of readers, and have met other health and food bloggers more than ever before. I try to learn and grow all the time, and as I have started thinking about my year in review post, I've realized how I've started redefining what I want this blog to be about moving forward. I have some changes I'll be making to the site, hopefully ones that will result in an even better blog. At the core however, Celiac Baby! exists to connect with others, to share what I know and learn from others the things I don't, and to provide simple tips, recipes, & reviews on living life gluten free!

Thank you so much for reading. Without you, this blog wouldn't be anywhere near what it is today.



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  1. Congratulations on this milestone. Very lovely to see that your blog and your son are both doing very well. Continued success :)