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Summer Fresh Appy Recipe: Holiday Jewel Hummus Stuffed Olive, Tomato & Bocconcini Skewers

My Gift Box from Summer Fresh
In October, I was invited to join a group of Ontario food bloggers at the Summer Fresh headquarters to tour the facilities, learn about the history of the company, and try some of their signature and soon to be released products. It's not always easy attending these types of events as a gluten free blogger, because often, there are few options for me to report back on to my readers.

Summer Fresh is different. Gluten free hummus, dips, and salads are a big part of their brand. They also offer a wide selection of lactose free and kosher products. I've been a Summer Fresh fan ever since my son went gluten free and I discovered their line of gluten free products. Their labels are colour-coded and clearly state whether the item is gluten free, lactose free, or Kosher. They also carry a line of organic products.

To give you an idea of what I mean when I say wide selection, they have 29 varieties of hummus alone, and their Artichoke and Asiago dip is the best selling dip in Canada.

I have to admit, I was very surprised when we were seated in a meeting room and the woman who stood up to run the session was none other than the president of the company, Susan Niczowski. She started the company over 20 years ago, and it remains a family run business today. She personally walked us through the facility, and even gave me a lift over to the production plant! Her passion and dedication to her business was evident. The entire day was flawlessly organized, and the entire group was treated to a feast of appetizers at the end of the day.


They were so organized, they even had gluten free crackers available, and prepared gluten free versions of all the dishes that were served, just for me and another gluten free blogger in attendance. When we left, each blogger was sent home with a box of products. Mine was packed specifically with items from the gluten free line. I was impressed with the level of care and thoughtfulness I experienced.

My Gluten Free Butter Chicken Mini Pizza

Before leaving, Susan offered each blogger the opportunity to create an appetizer recipe to be featured on the Summer Fresh website, and entered into a contest to win some great prizes. I've never created a recipe for a contest before, but I know the holidays can be tough for those who are gluten free, so I created a gluten free appy that anyone would be proud to serve at their next holiday party.

Summer Fresh is featuring all the appys on their website for the next week, and would like readers to weigh in on the recipes on their Facebook page. The other bloggers I met that day are all fantastic food bloggers, and I guarantee you'll come away with more than a few recipe ideas of your own.

Holiday Jewel Hummus Stuffed Olive, Tomato & Bocconcini Skewers

Holiday parties are all about family, friends, and fun! These bright and flavourful appetizers are simple to prepare, fun to eat, and taste divine, thanks to the extra kick of flavour from Summer Fresh Roasted Garlic Hummus.

Makes 20 skewers.

Gluten Free



For the Olives
  • 1 375ml Can Pitted Colossal Olives, Black or Green (about 20 olives)
  • ¼ cup Summer Fresh Roasted Garlic Hummus
  • ½ cup Gluten Free Breadcrumbs
  • ½ cup Grated Parmesan Cheese
  • ¼ cup Dried Parsley
  • 2 Eggs
  • ½ cup Olive or Canola Oil for frying

For the Skewers
  • 20 Cherry Tomatoes
  • 20 Cocktail Size Bocconcini
  • 20 Cocktail Skewers


1. Drain and dry olives well. Spoon ¼ cup of Summer Fresh Garlic Hummus into a pastry bag or into the corner of a small sandwich bag. Cut a small hole in the bag and twist the top closed. Fill each olive with hummus. 
2. In a small bowl, beat eggs until combined. In another bowl, mix together bread crumbs, grated cheese, and parsley. One at a time, dip olives first in egg mixture, and then roll in breadcrumb mixture. Place on a plate and set aside.
3. In a non-stick frying pan, heat ½ cup oil over medium heat. Oil is ready for frying when a drop of water sizzles when dropped in. Place olives in the frying pan in small batches, frying on each side for 30-45 seconds, or until breadcrumbs are golden. Remove with a spoon or cooking tongs and place on paper towels to drain. Repeat process until all olives are fried.
4. When olives are cool enough to handle, prepare skewers. Using cocktail skewers, place 1 tomato, 1 olive, and 1 bocconcini on each skewer.



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