Friday, November 15, 2013

Gluten Free Buzz (21)

If you're interested in reading about the latest research, news items, and events in the gluten free and Celiac community, then be sure to check back every Friday for Gluten Free Buzz, where I round up the 5 most interesting and relevant items of the week. Happy Reading!

CeliAction Study is a research study for symptomatic Celiac Disease patients who maintain a gluten free diet. Find out more about the study and the participants at the study WEBSITE.

Is there a link between Dermatitis Herpetiformous and bone loss? has more information.

Some people are claiming that Sourdough bread is Celiac safe, even though it's made with wheat. Read more at CBC.

Gluten Free in Owen Sound? Run by a Celiac, the Owen Sound 100 Mile Store & Gluten Free Bakery serves up gluten free bread and baked goods. Learn more at Owen Sound Times.

In the Greater Toronto Area? Visit the Gluten Free Garage this weekend and support local producers and vendors.

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