Monday, November 18, 2013

American Medical ID Bracelets & A Contest to Win 1 of 2 $50 Gift Cards

Everyone who visits this site knows that my son can't eat gluten. His school bag, lunch box, and personal items are labelled Gluten Free. Still, I always worried about what might happen when all those labelled items weren't in plain site in an emergency situation?

In addition to my son being gluten free, my husband has a life threatening shellfish allergy, and I am allergic to Penicillin. As adults, we sometimes feel that we can advocate for ourselves. Unfortunately, sometimes there are times when you can't advocate for yourself. A person in anaphylactic shock can't tell others that they're having an allergic reaction,  just as someone who may be unconscious can't let a doctor know that they are allergic to a specific medication. Having a prominent visual reminder can alert someone else to a specific condition or allergy, which can be lifesaving.

American and Universal Medical ID has medical alert bracelets, necklaces, and other products to help keep individuals with all types of medical conditions safe when they are unable to speak for themselves. They contacted me with an offer to try a few of their products and let my readers know what I think. I remember the medic alert bracelet I used to wear as a child, and was expecting to have a small selection of similar items when I went to order.

I couldn't have been more wrong! The website has a huge selection of items in all styles and colours, from sporty to chic and everything in between. There are bracelets, necklaces, charms, stickers, health passports, and so much more. I was really impressed at the selection, and at how great the items all looked. The kids and teen section had a wide variety of styles, and my son picked out two that he thinks are Superhero bracelets.  The bracelets come with free engraving, so any medical condition can be added to the bracelets. I put "Wheat and Gluten Free" on my son's bracelets, and "Allergic to Penicillin"  on mine. You can choose the size as well, and ours fit perfectly.

The first style my son chose. The engraving goes below the medical logo. Image courtesy of American Medical ID.

My order came in less than a week, and my son begged to wear his superhero bracelets. He used to wear a different bracelet, but now he thinks they're too babyish. These are more grown up, and he loves them.

The second style my son chose. Image courtesy of American Medical ID

The adult selection impressed me as well, because the items for women weren't all frilly and overly feminine. I like a bit of an edgier style sometimes, and the bracelet I bought is definitely something I'll wear often.

My bracelet. Image courtesy of American Medical ID

Also, prices were completely reasonable. I was expecting prices to be high, since specialty items often are, but the prices were completely reasonable.

My son loves his bracelets (or Superhero energy boosters) and I am really happy with mine as well. They're comfortable, they look good, and I love that they're personalized.

The lovely people at American Medical ID want to provide two of my readers with gift cards for $50 each to get their own products! 

I am a big believer in this cause, and I'm really excited for this contest. It's so important that people stay safe, particularly during the holiday season when there are a lot of events and food being served. One of these products would make a great gift, or get one just for you!

Open to residents 18 years and older of the United States and Canada, excluding Quebec. Please click on the Terms and Conditions listed in the widget below for full details. Good luck!

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