Monday, October 28, 2013

What My Son Will Get in Return for his Gluten Filled Halloween Candy

Since there are so many gluten-filled candy items that my son will get when trick or treating this Halloween, my husband and I wanted to make sure that he still got to enjoy the holiday even though he would have to give up most of his candy. We decided that instead of trading candy for candy that we would trade his candy for a bag of non-candy treats, an idea my friend Lisa from Pocketfuls gave me last year.

The main item is the Iron Man mask, especially since he is going as Iron Man for Halloween. Some construction paper, an early reader Super Hero book, a Halloween straw, pencil, stickers, and a Spiderman fun pack round out the pack of goodies. The most expensive item was the book, at $7. The construction paper and mask were $3 each, the Spiderman stuff was $1 for the whole lot, and the stickers, pencils, etc. I already had. It's all going in a Spiderman gift bag for Halloween.

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