Friday, September 27, 2013

Gluten Free Buzz (14)

The weekend is upon us once again, and with it come the latest edition of Gluten Free Buzz! Here are some of the headlines from the week, all focused on the latest research into Celiac Disease. Happy reading!

Doctors weigh in on the theory that changes in wheat have contributed to a rise in the incidence of Celiac disease. Article on WCAI.

Study finds a link between anti-secretory medications and an increased risk for Celiac disease. Read more at Healio.

An Australian study reveals some interesting information about the frequency of Celiac disease, over at Private MD Labs.

A new study for the treatment of Celiac disease. Info at News_Medical.

A new study claims there's no link between Autism & an increased risk for Celiac disease, but didn't study the effects of removing gluten from the diet of someone with Autism. The findings leave room for more questions and more room for further studies. Read more at The Globe and Mail.

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