Saturday, July 13, 2013

Review: Gluten Away Dining Cards

I ordered a sample pack of these cards from Taylor at Gluten Away, to see if I thought they could be useful for my son.  I've mentioned it here before, but I don't want my son to miss out on anything just because he can't have gluten.  I want us to go to restaurants and other places as a family, and I try to find a balance between protecting him myself, and teaching him to advocate for himself.  He's only four, but he's going to start kindergarten in September, and he needs to be able to at least articulate what he can't eat, or even touch.

That's where these cards will come in as a teaching tool, and a way for him to voice his needs clearly.  There are a few versions available, but I ordered the multiple allergy ones because in addition to gluten, my son can't eat dairy.  Also, sadly, I find that people take his food issues more seriously when they think he's allergic to something than when we try to explain otherwise. 

Here's how the cards work: They're meant for restaurants, but they could be used anywhere food is going to be served.  You fill out your name and table number, and place a checkmark beside the food restrictions you have.  The server takes the card as a reference and a reminder when handling your food.  It can't guarantee that the food will actually be free from your restrictions, but it can help to minimize the risk. 

These cards are so easy to use even a four year old can use them (I'm serious.  Mine can.)  My son knows how to write his name, and he has learned to recognize the words gluten free and dairy free, so he can find them on the card and place a check mark (or something kind of like a check mark) beside them.  I love this, because he gets to have some control over things, and the card ensures that the message is communicated in a straightforward way. 

These are great for individuals, but would even be perfect for restaurants to have on hand for their servers and kitchen staff to use.  Might make dining out safer for a lot of people.

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