Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Product Review: XO Baking Co.'s Chocolate Cake Mix

A few weeks ago for Father's Day, I made a chocolate cake for dessert.  I have a few baking mixes that are my go-to brands, but after trying XO Baking Co.'s Vanilla Cake Mix for my husband's birthday cake, I wanted to see if the vanilla cake was just a fluke, or if the company's mixes really are that good.  I couldn't find the company's frosting mix, so I went with a different brand for the icing, but I found the baking mix at my local Bulk Barn.  I haven't been able to find them anywhere else so far. 

What I love about this company is that they are GMO free, so none of the ingredients are genetically modified, and most are organic.  I also like that most of the mixes can be made dairy free.  Best of all, I also feel like I get my money's worth.  I paid around $7 for the mix, but the mix makes a double layer, 9 inch cake.  Most mixes only make a single layer cake, for close to the same price. 

Xo Baking Co.'s mixes are easy to work with, and the cake doesn't fall apart easily, which is so important when trying to stack layers.  The chocolate is rich and dark, with a deep flavour that's not too sweet.  My husband, who isn't really a huge sweets fan, had two slices, and my niece declared my chocolate cake to be the  best cake she'd ever eaten.  I didn't tell her it was from a mix.  There weren't any leftovers.  I really wish I had taken better photos, but everyone was in such a rush to try a piece of cake that I just snapped a few quickly.  The photos don't do this cake justice.

Verdict: This is the second product I've tried from this company, and I've been blown away by the results both times.  The texture and the flavour of the chocolate cake are perfect, gluten free or not.  I would highly recommend this company's products for an easy, foolproof baking experience. 

In case you're wondering, this review is all mine.  I did not receive free product, nor am I getting paid to write it. I bought and tried the product, and decided to write a review. I always clearly state when I've received something for free or have been paid to do a sponsored post.


  1. I really enjoy the products as well. I love that Bulk Barn carries a wide variety of the XO product line. Have you tried the Banana Bread Mix? That's one of my favourites :)

  2. I made the pound cake mix tonight, and it was as good as any non GF pound cake I've ever tried. The rest of the family had no idea it was GF and ate every crumb. It was moist, delicate and spongey with a light vanilla flavor... Took forever to bake but came out perfect. No crumbly, gritty, dry cake is this!