Friday, July 19, 2013

Gluten Free Buzz (8)

Hello my gluten free readers! Summer is in full swing, and where I am, it's hot, hot, hot.  But not too hot to seek out the newest headlines in the world of gluten free this week! 

Betty Crocker is expanding their gluten free options. I wonder if they'll be available in Canada? Stockhouse has all the details.

Gluten Free & Sugar Free are London's Fastest Growing Food Trends. A good thing?  London Loves Business reports on it.

RD Mag discusses how new technologies and ingredient are providing better options for gluten free eating.

Market Watch tells all about Chex's new gluten free Vanilla cereal.

A cool infographic on the availability of gluten free food in various cities of the United States, via Policymic.

I hope you're enjoying the heat. Or at least staying cool and safe.

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