Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bill 75: A Bill to Include Celiac Disease Screening in Ontario

If you live in Ontario and need to get screened for Celiac disease, the test may soon be less expensive.  Bill 75, Health Insurance Amendment Act (Celiac Disease Screening) 2013, was introduced in May 2013.  It was introduced as a Private Member's Bill by Mr. Bill Mauro.  The amendment requests that screening for Celiac Disease be covered under the provincial health care program, and it passed first reading at the end of May. 

For more information, and to click on a pdf version of the bill, visit the Legislative Assembly of Ontario's website.

Want to know more about Bill Mauro, the MPP who tabled the bill?  He represents Thunder Bay- Atikokan.  There's a statement on his site about why he decided to support this important cause.  Visit his WEBSITE to read the press release.  Want to say thanks?  There's a contact page there too!

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