Friday, April 12, 2013

Restaurant Review: Jack Astor's (Downtown Toronto)

My husband took the kids downtown last Sunday to visit a friend and they had lunch at Jack Astor's, which offers a gluten free burger and bun, and locations with dedicated fryers offer gluten free fries, as well.  I was surprised when he wrote up a review for the blog!  So below you have the very first restaurant review courtesy of my husband! 

First off all an apology to those of my wife's readers who are used to her excellent writing style. This being my first post I am not as acquainted with peaking a reader's interest but here goes nothing...

This past weekend we decided to give Mommy a break and I had the chance to take the kiddies by himself to visit a good friend in the city I hadn't seen for a while. The idea was to give her a breather and some time to focus on her blogging and writing. We left at 10:30 in the morning to spend the day in the city, just us 3 boys.
I admit I was a bit nervous about bringing them both downtown on my own, but with my friend there to help out it was nothing that we haven't done before.  My friend lives on his own and doesn't have any children so when he suggested we go and take the kiddies for a bite I was also concerned about where we could take them to downtown that was both family friendly and gluten free. I wasn't confident that these would generally be places my friend would visit on a regular basis.

He suggested the Jack Astor's on Front street. As soon as we walked in the service was entirely geared to the children and making the experience as smooth for a parent as possible.

The first thing the hostess did when bringing us to our table was to grab a box of crayons for my son to feel as free and artistic as possible on their disposable paper table covers. This is always something any parent to a toddler will appreciate to make the inevitable wait at restaurants go as smoothly as possible. My "wow" factor however came when we sat down at the table and our waitress came in with a portable DVD player at hand and a selection of 6 of my son's favorite cartoon DVD's for him to choose from!  I admit I was torn between letting him watch a show so I could focus on my youngest and on some conversation with my friend, or making him wait to eat his meal with us before he could watch his DVD. I will admit my guilt when I gave in to the DVD in front of him and allowed events to take their course with "Diego" in the background.

I looked at the menu which is always interesting when trying to pick GF items from a non dedicated menu but couldn't find anything that jumped out. My friend suggested I ask our waitress directly which I did and was extremely happy when she advised that all their hamburger patties were GF and could be served in GF buns! And a bonus any GF parent out there will appreciate, the fries were GF with their dedicated fryer at that location! The lunch experience got better by the moment and made for a nice carefree outing with the boys that I would be happy to report back to "the boss" on once we got back home!
Gluten Free Burger, Bun & Fries

My son had a great time with his hamburger (bun included!) and fries and of course his movie and all in all we had a pretty good time and were ready for some after lunch soccer in the afternoon.

Since I am not as artistic or detailed oriented I did not think at the moment of taking pictures of the establishment. I did however take pictures of my son's meal which I hope you will enjoy. This was a very good experience and I will make sure I take my wife back to check it out. All in all a good spot and experience! Hopefully Mommy enjoyed her precious time to herself. 


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