Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Gluten Free Garage 2013 Recap

Sunday morning I went down to Wychwood Barns in Toronto to check out the Gluten Free Garage, a pop-up market of all things gluten free.  I try to attend events like this one whenever possible both to learn about what's new on the market and to support the cause.  A portion of proceeds from ticket sales went to support the Canadian Celiac Association. 

Unlike the Gluten Free Expo, which is fantastic as well, this event focuses mainly on local businesses and organizations.  It was a much smaller event, but allowed for more time to speak with vendors and learn about their businesses, something that is more difficult to accomplish than at the expo. 

Bakeries were well-represented, as always, but so were health food products, restaurants and beauty products.  More and more people are moving not only to substitute gluten free baked goods, but to a healthier lifestyle overall.  The atmosphere was relaxed, the vendors were happy to share samples and sell their goods at a discounted price, and the visitors left with full bellies and bags full of samples and information. 

Since there are so few times my son can eat whatever he wants, we let him try all the samples and we fed him some treats he normally doesn't get to eat. 

We stopped at Bunner's for a Chili Cheese Empanada for my husband and a chocolate cupcake for my son. 

Then he had a Watermelon Lemonade popsicle, while my husband and I tried out some sausages and chatted with the man from Pimentos about paella.  I enjoyed a cup of coffee from Ezra's Pound (the name alone made me have to try some.)  The Mad Mexican served me more tortilla chips and salsa than any one person should consume. 

Finally, we stopped at the food trucks for some lunch.  My son wanted fries from Hero Burger.

 My husband and I hit up the Gourmet Bitches food truck.  I had the fish tacos, and my husband had the pork belly sandwich.  Delicious.  

We went home full and happy, with business cards, flyers, and contacts for future events.  If you're in Toronto the next time the Gluten Free Garage pops-up, I recommend you check it out. 

***Updated: This post initially stated that ALL proceeds go to the Canadian Celiac Association.  The update states that a PORTION of proceeds do.  Sorry for the error***

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