Friday, January 11, 2013

President's Choice Gluten Free Line of Products

In last week's grocery flyer, there was a one page ad for the President's Choice new line of gluten free bakery items.  The line is currently limited, but includes bread, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, muffins and a few other items.  Everything has the same price, $5.99.  I was happy to finally see these products available at a store near me, since they were launched a while ago, and immediately went out and picked up a couple of items. 

In regards to the pricing, it's an interesting strategy to price everything the same.  On some items, like the bread or the cookies, $5.99 is about on par with other brands.  For muffins, it's actually less expensive than most gluten free muffins, so that's encouraging.  It would be nice to see more selection, but I suppose if these products sell well, more will be introduced down the line. 

I bought the White Sandwich Bread, and the Chocolate Chip Cookies

White Sandwich Bread:  This product was actually a bit disappointing.  The main positive is that it doesn't need to be kept frozen, which is nice.  However, the slices are tiny, making it difficult to make a proper sandwich for anyone but a child.  Also, the texture is really dense and dry.  The flavour isn't too bad, but I couldn't get past the texture, even when toasted.  For the same price point, I'll stick with Udi's, Glutino or Kinnikinick. 

Chocolate Chip Cookies:  There are ten cookies in a package for $5.99.  On price alone, that's pretty expensive, even for gluten free products.  Price aside, these cookies are good.  They are large, bakery style chocolate chip cookies.  The cookies are soft and chewy, although a bit dense in the middle.  The flavour is good and they could pass for a regular cookie.  These cookies went quickly at my house.  for the quality, I can ignore the price point since they will only be an occasional addition to my grocery list.


So far, these are the only two items I've tried, but tonight's grocery night, so maybe I'll pick up something else and give it a go.  I'll be passing on the bread, but the cookies may have a spot in our home from time to time. 

Interested in another review? My friend over at Gluten Free Doll posted THIS review of their Gluten Free Banana Loaf.

I've been waiting a long time for President's Choice to step up to the plate with gluten free offerings, and although the line is currently limited, it's a welcome addition to the usual offerings. 


  1. I find it odd that all the GF President's Choice products are priced the same. 10 cookies for 5.99 and how many slices of bread for 5.99??
    It's too bad that GF products have to be priced so high. I understand that to produce GF products can be expensive however the demand seems to be growing and hopefully the costs will eventually come down.

  2. the banana bread and blueberry muffins were excellent