Monday, December 3, 2012

Holiday Treat #2: Marshmallow Pops

This recipe is a great one to do with kids, and can be modified to be casual and fun or as sophisticated as you want.  We do variations on this theme for every major holiday, but they are especially festive this time of year.   Set up everything before melting the chocolate or candy coating to facilitate the process.

Some tips before making:

1- Lollipop or cake pop sticks can be purchased at stores like Bulk Barn or Michael's.  They are inexpensive.  If you don't want to buy sticks, these can be displayed in mini cupcake holders or on a pretty plate or tray.  The larger the marshmallow, the easier to handle.

2- If you are not using sticks, consider just dipping the top of the marshmallow to make them easier to handle.  If you are using sticks, you will need a place to stand them to dry.  I bought a cardboard cake pop drying stand for less than $5 at Bulk Barn to stand them in while drying, but a piece of foam that is used for arranging flowers works too. 

3- A small amount of candy or chocolate coating goes a long way.  You can dip marshmallow directly in melted coating, or use a spoon to drizzle.  Experiment with a few and decide what works for you.  I set up the sprinkles or sugar in cupcake holders to make it easy to roll marshmallows..

4- The ingredient list is pretty ambiguous because it will depend on what you choose to use, whether you are completely coating the marshmallows and the size of marshmallows you choose. 


24 marshmallows (I usually make 2 dozen at a time, but make as many as you want )
1 cup melted chocolate (1 bar) or candy coating (if you are using different colours, consider working with one at a time so that they don't begin to harden.)

Assorted toppings such as coarse sugar, sprinkles, crushed candy canes.  The smaller the sprinkles, etc., the better they stick.  Larger heavy ones tend to drip off.  Also, coloured sugars show up better against white chocolate.

***Be sure to read ingredients and make sure that everything you use is gluten free.  Beware when buying in bulk from bins.  Cross-contamination occurs easily in these environments.


1- Melt chocolate or candy coating according to directions.  I melt chocolate in a glass or ceramic bowl in the microwave in 1 minute increments, stirring after each minute until completely melted.

2- Skewer marshmallow in lollipop stick, or on toothpick if not making pops.  Dip marshmallow in coating, and then in desired additional decoration, such as sprinkles or coarse coloured sugar. 

4- Stand to allow excess to drip off and allow to dry.

Storage:  Once dry, store in the fridge in sealed freezer bags.   They will last up to two weeks in the fridge.  They will last a few months if frozen.


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