Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Chuck E. Cheese Offers Gluten Free Pizza & Cupcakes

Great news for gluten free kids!  Chuck E. Cheese is rolling out gluten free pizzas nationwide in the United States and Canada.  This is fantastic for kids like my son.  We have never taken him to Chuck E. Cheese or considered it for a birthday party location because of a lack of gluten free items to choose from. 

If you have a gluten free kid, you know how stressful things like birthday parties can be, where their differences become even more obvious to everyone around them.  I even declined to have him attend a baking party once because I knew that he couldn't even touch, never mind eat, what the other kids would be baking.  So anytime a kid-friendly place makes their menu that much more accessible to children with food restrictions, I'm happy. 

Here are the details.  The pizzas are produced in a dedicated gluten free facility and shipped to the restaurant locations in a sealed bag.  They are then cooked, still in the bag, and delivered to the table in the bag as well, to avoid cross-contamination.  This makes me feel much more comfortable than ordering pizza in locations where the pies are made in close proximity to ones that use regular flour. 

The other great addition to the menu is the chocolate cupcake!  Being left out from eating sweet treats is a horrible experience for a kid at a party, and although I generally bring my own, it's not the same experience as being able to order one like everyone else.  I like that the chain added a gluten free dessert in addition to the pizza.  It allows kids to have a full meal. 

Click on the Chuck E. Cheese website for more information.  They even have an allergen finder, where you can search for your location and download a PDF file with every menu item, their ingredients, and the potential allergens listed in a clear and easy to read manner.  The restaurant acknowledges that there are other allergens that that are still present in their menu items, and that they are working toward including a wider variety of items addressing those issues.  This is even better news for all kids who have ever felt left out because of what they couldn't eat.

I'm looking forward to calling my local restaurant in Vaughan and confirming that they have the pizzas and cupcakes available.  If they do, I think a certain 3 year old may be experiencing his first visit to Chuck E. Cheese very soon!

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