Saturday, September 8, 2012

Bear with me...

This coming Monday, my son will be three weeks old.  The blog has suffered a bit over the past month or so, as the end of my pregnancy made me tired and the arrival of a new addition shook things up a bit at home.  My focus has been on spending time with family and healing after the birth of my son.  Posting has been at a minimum.

So please, bear with me.  Things will get back to normal shortly. 

I have so many post ideas knocking around my brain, I've got a busy fall ahead.  I've tried a few new products that deserve a review, and I have some recipes to post as well.  I'm planning to attend the Gluten Free Expo in Toronto at the end of September, and Blissdom Canada in October, so look for those posts too. 

The weekly menu plan goes up tomorrow. 

Happy Saturday!

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