Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kawartha Bakery

While vacationing this summer in Rice Lake, near Peterborough Ontario, we took a drive to visit the Whetung Ojibwe centre in Curve Lake.  Along the way, in a fairly rural area, we passed a bakery with a sign outside advertising gluten free baked goods.  My interest was piqued, and we made a point of stopping in on our way back at the end of the day.  I was curious to see what products would be offered, and to find out how a bakery specializing in gluten free goods survived in such a rural area. 

I'm so happy I stumbled upon this gem of a bakery.

I had the opportunity to speak with the owners and ask a few questions.  The bakery opened in 1975, and they branched out into gluten free baking over 23 years ago due to a large demand in the area.  Over the years, as word of their bakery spread, they began getting business from people willing to travel long distances to find products that were unavailable elsewhere, and they began expanding their offerings.   The bakery now offers over 80 varieties of gluten free bake goods, including both in-house baked products and commercial brands.

Some of the pasta selection

A sampling of the in-house baked goods

In all honesty, I was mesmerized by the selection and the low prices of their products.  They sell commercial brands of everything from pastas to baking mixes, dressings and sauces, at some of the lowest prices I've seen anywhere.  Their in-house products are also extensive, and I spent a long time browsing the shelves of cookies, pastries and other treats.  The labels have the ingredients listed, so I was easily able to identify options that were also dairy-free for my son.  The bakery also has a frozen section where pre-made items like pie crusts or pot-pies can be found. 

Part of the freezer selection

Although I wanted to purchase one of everything, I limited myself to a few items.  I picked up a box of pasta, a frozen pie crust, a package of gluten free oatmeal, a pancake mix, and some chocolate chip cookies. And paid $21 for the bunch, including a bottle of water.  For anyone familiar with gluten free prices, this is cheap. 

The website offers a list of their homemade products, and also has an ingredient list with all of the major allergens included. 

I wish this bakery was closer to where I live, because it would be my go-to place for gluten free items.  They do distribute to a few retail locations, including one in Whitby, which is a bit closer, but nowhere close enough to visit on a regular basis.  I will, however, be making return visits whenever I'm in the area, and will make the effort to get out to the Whitby retailer every now and then when I want a particular item. 

This is a fantastic bakery, with knowledgeable staff and great products that are priced right. 

Kawartha Bakery
County Road 18 and Highway 23
RR1 Lakefield Ontario
K0L 2H0

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