Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kinnikinnick Hamburger Buns

What would cottage living be without a big, juicy hamburger?  As important as the burger itself, the bun seals the deal.  For those who are gluten free, finding a hamburger bun that's the right size and texture, not to mention that actually tastes like a hamburger bun can be a challenge. 

Not anymore! 

Kinnikinnick Hamburger Buns are my new go-to bun for burgers.  Previously, we were using El Peto buns because they were the only ones I could find, and while they did the job, they weren't comparable to a regular bun. 

Kinnikinnick Hamburger Bun

The Kinnikinnick buns really impressed me with their size and texture.  Large enough to handle a regular sized burger, they look almost indistinguishable from regular hamburger buns.  Not to mention the fact that they have the same soft texture and a taste that is hard to distinguish from their gluten filled counterparts.  They also have 5g of fibre per bun, which is more than most regular or gluten free brands offer. 

We had these buns with both beef and chicken burgers, and they were delicious!  The bun held up to the burgers and all the condiments, not falling apart or becoming soggy.

These are definitely our new favourite hamburger buns!

As you can see, the bun is BIGGER than the burger!!!

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