Sunday, June 17, 2012

Gluten Free Weekly Menu Plan

First, Happy Father's Day!  We're off to my parents' house this afternoon for some BBQ, and homemade S'mores Pie for dessert (recipe coming up this week!)  I was blessed with an amazing dad growing up, who coached my teams, came on my field trips, and taught me all the things a girl needs to know, like how to use power tools, lay tiles, install drywall....

I was never a girly-girl, and thankfully I had a dad who was ok with that and didn't mind me tagging along on all those activities a dad typically takes his son along to.  My parents let me be the tomboy I was, and never told me I couldn't do something because I'm a girl. 

Now, my son has great dad to look up to, who loves spending time with him and who will be just as supportive of him as my dad was of me.  Today is their day!  As my son says. "father's day means we love daddy."  I couldn't agree more! 

As for what we're eating this week....

Monday:  Baked Lamb with a Roast Vegetable Gravy  (this is still underway, so the photo attached is of the lamb before it went in the oven, after marinating for 24 hours) 

Tuesday:  GF elbow pasta with tuna and zucchini (my husband hates tuna and tomato together, so I left out the tomato, but some oven roasted cherry tomatoes would go great in this recipe, as well as add some nice colour) 

Wednesday:  Chicken Caesar Salad and Garlic, Chickpea and Rosemary Soup 

Thursday:  Lemon. Mushroom and Green Pea Risotto and leftover soup 

Friday:  Rice noodle stir fry with chicken, snow peas and red peppers (this I'll make the day of, because rice noodles tend to clump if left too long) 

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