Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Five List

Here are a few of the things on my mind this fine Friday! 

1- Sports, sports, and more sports!  Have I ever mentioned that sometimes I think I should have been a sports writer?  Seriously, I could watch sports ALL DAY EVERY DAY.  In fact, I often flip back and forth between sporting events because I can't commit to just one.  This weekend I'll be trying to catch some of the Euro cup soccer matches, the French Open finals, and the Stanley Cup finals.  In between our hospital visit, my son's soccer, menu planning, etc.

2- Menu Planning, with a theme:  In honour of the Euro cup action I'll be watching over the next couple of weeks, I've decided to prepare some dishes typical of some of the countries represented.  Swedish meatballs, anyone?  Look for the menu plan to go up Sunday, or click HERE to see menus from previous weeks.

3- Baby, Baby, Baby:  Last weekend I was at a baby shower for my cousin, and also at the hospital for my shot (a blood type thing, but that's another story).  Tomorrow we're scheduled for our hospital tour of the maternity ward.  This isn't our first child (obviously), but last time I gave birth at a different hospital, so I'm looking forward to checking out delivery rooms.  I'm getting closer, and bigger.  I guess it's time to start picking names....

Me and my bump, about 3 weeks ago.  I'm MUCH larger now...

4- Summertime!  The school year's almost over, the weather is hot, and I can smell summer in the air.  Aside from getting all the baby stuff done, I'm looking forward to gardening, spending some time at the cottage, reading, writing, and generally just relaxing before my life gets turned upside down again!  Long days, homemade lemonade, walks in the evening....what could be better? 

Hopefully everything in my garden will grow as big and healthy as this guy does!

5- Graduation:  I finally get my Masters diploma next Friday!  I'm a little worried about the long ceremony (it's hard for me to sit still for long periods these days), but I'm excited to finally, officially, get that diploma in my hand. 

What's on your mind this weekend?

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