Monday, May 14, 2012

A Weekend Full of Moms!

This weekend we spent both days hanging out with moms both new and experienced.  On Saturday, my Aunt had the family over to meet her new grandson, Cooper.  My cousin and his wife live in the United States, so this was the first opportunity those of us in Canada had to meet the little guy.  My little one was excited to see a "real" baby, since it gave him the chance to ask all sorts of questions about babies in general.  He checked out his toes and rubbed his head and sang  him songs.  Hopefully he's just as helful when his own new little brother or sister arrives!

The weather was great on Saturday and the kids were begging to touch the water of the pool, so my Uncle threw on his bathing suit and the kids joined him in the pool.  He took them for a ride on his back and caught them as they jumped in off the edge.  The water was a little chilly, but once they got used to it, the kids had a blast.

Sunday mommy got to sleep in (until 8:30, it's all relative) and then I was treated to gluten free pancakes in bed.  My son then proceeded to eat both of my pancakes, by it's the thought that counts!  I also got a certificate for a pregnancy massage, which sounds heavenly right about now.  I also got the cutest little hand made gift from my son. 

We spent the afternoon at my mom's, where the kids played in the yard and I was surprised with some Burt's Bees products and some outdoor patio dishes and serving plates.  The day was capped off with a gluten free cupcake (or two). 

A great weekend, and a pretty awesome Mother's Day as well. 

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