Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Random Thoughts on a Tuesday

For some reason I've been feeling like there's some big activity that I've been putting off.....although I can't really put my finger on what that activity is.  I think the problem is that I have so many little, disconnected things that I've been meaning to get done that no matter what I accomplish I never feel as though I've accomplished enough. 

This weekend I got the vegetable garden sorted and planted, which is no simple feat when you're almost 7 months pregnant.  I'll pot some pics when things get growing!

Our garden this year is fairly simple, for obvious reasons.  We're growing:
-Early girl tomatoes in the ground, and I'm experimenting with cherry tomatoes in a hanging basket
-Blue Bush Beans
-Bunching Onions
-Herbs: Sage, Coriander, Lemon Balm, Thyme, Basil, Parsley and Rosemary
-A variety of hot peppers: Thai Dragon, Portugal Hot Peppers, Habanero, Ring of Fire, etc.

The herbs are easy because they're just pick and go, and the rest are pretty straighforward.  With a baby due in August, I didn't want anything too labour intensive. 

You'd think that would be enough to give me a sense of accomplishment, but the to-do list in my mind is still a mile long, and there's always something ready to take the place of any item I manage to cross off. 

I think part of it is that I remember how busy I was after my son was born, and I want to get stuff done before the next one arrives.  All those things that I know I won't get around to later I'm trying to get done now, and the list keeps growing!

Next up- decorating the baby's room.  And maybe choosing some names... 

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